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Opening Reception:Thursday 5 October @ 6 PM

HERMES is open to the public Saturday and Sunday 12 – 6 or by appointment.

Thierry Delva and Steven Holmes were MFA students together at NSCAD in 1992. In the years since, each has developed a career in the visual arts: Delva as a professor at NSCAD, and Holmes as a curator living and working in the US. 

25 is an exhibition that marks twenty five years of conversation and argument about art.  

Longstanding friendships between artists are not uncommon, of course: art history has many examples. These conversations can be a fundamental part of how one thinks about art and its meaning. In the case of Delva and Holmes, twenty five years of arguments have had a fundamental impact on the most basic aspects of how each sees himself: as art professionals as well as art makers.

The work in 25 is two things: it is an exhibition featuring each artist’s most recent work, and it is an exhibition of work that contains within it a quarter century of persistent and committed conversation.  In each case, 25 is offered without apology.

Delva will exhibit four bronze casts of artificial hips based on a mould taken from Delva’s own hip, the result of a prior surgical procedure.

Holmes will present photographs of contemporary burial grounds.