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Peter Dykhuis: Homepage + Jane Affleck and Peter Dykhuis: Squirrel Variations

Friday 7 September, reception @ 6 PM

Sunday 16 September, talk @ 2 PM

Saturday 29 September, demo @ 2 – 6 PM


Peter Dykhuis

The mixed media works of Homepage mirror visual information – such as personal notes, mapped locations, and digital weather phenomenon – as found within the frames of cell phones and computer screens which shape the world as we know it.

Squirrel Variations

Jane Affleck and Peter Dykhuis

In the past year, Affleck and Dykhuis have shared paper-based panels onto which they independently layered individual images and materials. Affleck contributed the squirrel image that became the anchor motif that interweaves with, for example, bits of domestic detritus, mapped components, board-game play, and lyrics from a song by the Talking Heads.