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Juss Heinsalu: Microcosm:G2YM

Exhibiting: Saturday, November 16 - Sunday, December 8th, 2019
Opening Reception: Friday, November 15th at 6pm
Artist Talk with Eryn Foster: Sunday, December 8th at 1pm

Juss Heinsalu, Microcosm:G2YM, video animation, 2019.

Juss Heinsalu, Microcosm:G2YM, video animation, 2019.

This exhibition merges elements of fiction, media art, material research and craft by presenting Heinsalu's new body of work, composed of ceramic slides, optical devices and silkscreen clay-prints. This iteration is a reflection on his recent study of various clay samples from North Carolina. While applying the methodologies developed to distill the native patterns and “language” embedded in the mineral matter, he employs mapping as a way to measure and read organic structures, to imagine a different scale of space and its topography.

I have been focusing on clay as a material, a source and an environment. My practice revolves around exploration and curiosity. It draws on the act of scanning and translating material samples into patterns and codes, into propositional lifeforms and relatable objectives. These interpretations in visual and conceptual forms have been conveyed in various recordings, installations, scans and microphotographs, fired ceramics, clay-light-boxes or ceramic-lens projections. I continue my quest, to observe and reveal the embodiment of life within clay, and to expand on the hypothesis of “silicon-based life.” – Juss Heinsalu

Juss Heinsalu is an Estonian artist-researcher living and working in Nova Scotia. Heinsalu received his MFA degree at NSCAD University in 2017. He previously studied at Estonian Academy of Arts and has participated in various residencies, projects and exhibitions across North-America and Europe.

Gallery Hours for this exhibition are: Friday, Saturdays and Sundays Noon-6pm, or by appointment.