Selections From: A Suite for Adolphe Sax - 2014 - 2015 - Presently ongoing

01.    April 24, 2014 -"Three Little Words" - 22 x 30 inches - (Following an interpretation played by Sonny Rollins) 

02.    June 07, 2014 - "Blues Out" - 22 x 30 inches - (Following an interpretation played by Art Pepper)

03.     June 16, 2014 - "Prospecting" - 30 x 22 inches (Following an interpretation played by Zoot Sims)

Images 01 - 03 for view only 


Selections from: JPEG Notes - 2004 - 2014 - Project completion in 2015

04.    2014 - JPEG Note: Tannr.01.copy.jpeg - 27.5 x 60 inches. Lithograph triptych 

05.    2014 - JPEG Note: - Blueboy.01.copy.jpeg - 27.5 x 60 inches. Lithograph triptych

Images/Lithographs 04 - 05 for sale @ $1,750 per impression - unframed


Selection From: Paintball Lithographs - 2012 - 2015

06.    2012 - Paintball Supper - 30 x 40 inches. Lithograph 

Image/Lithograph for sale @ $1,250.00 per impression - unframed


Selection from: Blue Eatonia Suite - 2011-2012 

07.    2012 - Blue Eatonia - "Bicycle" - 20.5 x 27 inches. Lithograph

08.    2012 - Blue Eatonia - "Pocket Watch" - 27 x 20.5 inches. Lithograph 

Images/Lithographs for sale @ $875.00 per impression unframed

Usually I am watching, waiting, reading, wondering, dreaming and walking, writing, looking and listening.

Dan O’Neill was born in Montreal, Quebec, in March 1955. Accepted to the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1989, he enrolled to pursue a double major program in painting, drawing and printmaking, graduating with Honors in 1993. He then relocated to Halifax, Nova Scotia, entered an undergraduate degree program at NSCAD University graduating in 1994 with a BFA in Studio Art. He was invited to teach in printmaking in Intaglio and Lithography in 1995, and continued with that investment until enrolling in the MFA program in 1997 at NSCAD. He graduated MFA in 1999, and has continued teaching as a Regular Part Time Faculty member for the past twenty years. He has received national and provincial arts funding and has work in national and provincial art banks and university art galleries respectively. 

Most recently he achieved provincial designation as an Established Artist conferred by Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council, earning this Recognition Award in 2011. Further honors resulted in a major purchase of a lithograph print installation, "Miserere Crucifragment", acquired by Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery in 2012 with acquisition funds gathered from the Robert Pope Foundation and the Canada Council Acquisitions program. His core artistic operation occurs in lithography, although he maintains an active and experimental cross-disciplinary art practice that centers on drawing, painting, writing and collage. He forages for images from the public domain for use in his work, with collage being his primary method for gathering notation and for forwarding concept development for lithography and other media. He lives and works in Halifax Nova Scotia.