Sara Hartland-Rowe

1. Marian from Travellers, 2014 (public artwork, one of seven paintings), Each painting approximately 10’ x 20’

2. Shopper from Travellers

3. Sparrow in Midwinter, 2015, 15’ x 30’ wall-painting, organza, paper, acrylic and water-colour on drywall

4. Sparrow in Midwinter (detail)

5. untitled, 2012, 10’x17’ organza on drywall

6. Big Circus, 2012, 7’ x 4’ oil and acrylic on paper

7. Circus, 2012, 7’ x 7’ oil and acrylic on paper

8. Measure, 2009, 10’ x 4’ chalk pastel on paper

9. Garden Dots, 2012, 36” x 18” oil on canvas

10. Stephanie, 2008, 60” x 48” oil on canvas

Hartland-Rowe’s studio practice is based in painting, in which mode she has made installation and site-based works as well as easel-painting and paintings on shaped surfaces. Her work is characterised by energetic experimentation with materials, process and structure, and an equally ongoing interest in human beings as the subject of her work.

Sara Hartland-Rowe is a painter who has lived in Nova Scotia for the last 15 years. She received a BFA from NSCAD in 1990, before moving to Chicago to complete an MFA. Since then she has produced work in a wide range of media, and has exhibited across Canada as well as in the US, Europe and South America. Significant solo and two-person exhibitions include Small World (Museum for Textiles, 1998), Days Are Where We Live (Museum London, 2000), The World in the Evening (Dalhousie University Art Gallery, 2002), The Prince (Durham Art Gallery, 2003), all things good and pure (Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, 2004, and Look to the Living (MSVU Art Gallery, 2012). She has received funding from national and provincial arts councils; her work is in private and public collections.